Beverly Ash Gilbert
Author - Artist - Color Consultant
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Color Consultation
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Website Beautification

Photo for LizzyKate Tea Company - Chamomile Tea

I'll help you make your website stunning!

Do you h
ave an existing website that needs a facelift? Does your website need just a touch here and there to go from humdrum to dynamic? Pulling together the right colors, fonts and photos to enhance your product or service will engage potential clients and draw them into your site!

Stay in full control - no need to change website hosts, or pay someone to completely redesign your website (then find they are the only ones who can update and add to your site). I can help you stay in control AND create a gorgeous site.

What I do:
  • Stage product displays so your products look their best for photos
  • Help you wow clients with engaging photos - I can take the photo, or if you have a great camera and want to take the shot, I'll help you make your photos fabulous!
  • Choose website color schemes to make your products and logo stand out
  • Enhance impact of text - Tell clients what they want and why you have it!
  • Proofread your text - Too many words, too much clutter can actually drive potential clients away from your main message. Let me help you strike the perfect balance.
  • Help balance color, font, layout so prospective clients want to dive deeper into your site

Do you have the technical skills to create a fabulous website, but need an artistic touch to draw clients into your product? Are you using basic webhosts (such as WordPress, Shopify, Network Solutions, Weebly) and just need help making your pages look good?

What I do not do:

I do not do any coding or website design. Nor do you need to do so.

We will make your website go from ho hum to fabulous through beautification!

Contact me to toss around ideas and get a quote

What you are saying:
"Tea isn't the most exciting product for a photo shoot, but Beverly effortlessly pulled together props and produced stunning colorful photos that really pop out on our web site. I showed one of our tea vendors a photo she took of their tea, and they said it's by far the best photo they've seen of their tea! Beverly also helped us tweak the colors and layout of our web site; these were quick, easy fixes that made a big impact."     - Amy and Will Riffle, owners LizzyKate