Beverly Ash Gilbert
Author - Artist - Color Consultant
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Kirkland Arts Center
3 hour Photography Workshops

Going Manual
Making the Basics Fun

Have a nice camera but stuck on auto?

With clear instructions and lots of photo prompts, you will learn how to take control of your camera settings and enhance your photography skills.
Confused by 'camera speak'? Does 'Shutter Speed', 'Lens Speed', 'Film/Processor Speed', 'Aperature', 'f-stop' all blur together while you frantically try to compose a shot? Do you sort of understand these terms, but cop out by shooting in Auto? You are not alone!
With step-by-step discussions enhanced with simple prompts, many of the hard-to-remember features of your camera will come into focus and you will be on your way to shooting in Manual!

Focus on Composition
Making the Basics Fun
Whether you have a fancy camera with multiple lenses or a simple point and shoot, mastering the art of composition can turn an ordinary photograph into a spectacular one. In this workshop, we will explore simple prompts to help you develop your eye for color, light, and composition.

Class through Kirkland Art Center available for adults and teens!