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Kirkland Arts Center

Nuno Felting Workshops

Kirkland Arts Center
620 Market St, Kirkland, WA
(425) 822-7161
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Nuno Felt Collage Scarf Workshop at KAC

Create stunning wearable art in a single day by collaging bits of silk and wool into a new piece of fabric. This Nuno Felted project is accomplished with no sewing, knitting or stitching of any kind. Play with exciting color combinations to create a scarf that is as much fun to wear as it is to make!

Nuno Felt Collage Scarf Workshop
Saturday, February 18, 2017
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Still Life in Nuno Felt
In this 1 day workshop, paint with fiber to create a textural piece using silk and wool. Learn the stunning art of Nuno Felt, while you create leaves, flowers, trees, and other still life subjects. You will come away knowing how to blend wool to create a rich depth of color to mimic shadows and highlights. Create a pillow topper, wallhanging, or…
Still Life in Nuno Felt
Sunday, February 19, 2017
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Upcoming Workshops
3D Fiber Art - Pods and Vessels
Learn how to create fiber art in 3 dimensions. Using wool roving, bits of yarn and silk and resists, you will come away with fiber art vessels bursting with color.

In class we will learn easy wet felt techniques while we dive into color and design to create one-of-a-kind artwork with no knitting, sewing or needles!
3D Fiber Art - Pods and Vessels
Coming Spring 2017
Nuno Felt Flower Garden
Create a garden of flowers in Nuno Felt! Using silk and wool, you will learn how to create a new piece of fabric and come away with completed pieces of wearable art.
Nuno Felt Flower Garden Workshop
Coming Summer 2017
Nuno Felt Ruffle Scarf
In this 1 day workshop, you will experiment with directional felting while incorporating nuno felting elements to create a beautiful ruffle scarf. We will explore color flow techniques and learn how to blend wool to create a glow of color.

Nuno Felt Ruffle Scarf Workshop
Coming Winter 2017

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