Beverly Ash Gilbert
Author - Artist - Color Consultant
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Photography Workshops
Focus on Composition
Develop your eye for composition and color
Whether you have a fancy camera with multiple lens or a simple point and shoot, mastering the art of composition can turn an ordinary photograph into a spectacular one.

In this workshop we will explore simple prompts, to help you develop your eye for color, light and composition.

Lesson packed with exercises and prompts to help you focus on and understand the importance of:
  • Value
  • Color
  • Angle of Light
  • Field of view
  • Background effects
  • Balance
Classes available for all ages!

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Focus on Composition
2 hour class for kids (11-14)

Class Designed for: Middle School kids 11-14
Meeting Location: Molbaks Nursery Woodinville, WA

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Focus on Composition
4.5 hour Workshop

Class Designed for: Adults
Meeting Locations: Langley, WA; Kirkland WA

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Beverly's 'walk around' photo classes will help you enhance your photo compositions by developing your eye for detail, color and light. Whether focused on going more manual with your DLSR camera, or trying to compose a better photo with your point and shoot, Beverly's hands on approach through a series of photo prompts and clear step by step instructions will take you to another level in your photography!