Beverly Ash Gilbert
Author - Artist - Color Consultant
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Color Consultation
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Personal Creative Projects

Show off all of your time and work with colors that impress

reate stunning color palettes for your home and creative projects!

Need help pulling together colors for your next creative project, be it beading, quilting, knitting, painting, flower arranging or mixed media? Nervous about spending hours upon hours of work only to find that in the end, the colors aren't quite right, don't make you feel good, or worse, clash? Don't want to waste money buying materials that end up not looking good in your piece?

Choosing colors for a project can be overwhelming - so many lovely choices! Pulling together ones that work well together can be an even greater challenge and one that can inhibit many creative people from diving into their passion.

Over the last 11 years,
I have helped hundreds of people in a vast array of media, pull color palettes together that sing with beauty and depth, and most importantly show off the stunning workmanship of the artist!

We can work together:
  • On-line - via any media you feel comfortable with (upload photos, then email, talk or Skype)
  • In person - Live in the Seattle area? Send me an e-mail with your project details and favorite supply store and we can shop together!

Contact me to toss around ideas and get a quote!

What you are saying:
"Beverly has an innate talent for color. I have seen her in action. She is able to connect with a person to help them discover their color sense without imposing hers onto them. I have watched her pull color palettes together for beaders in my store using just a splash of color that makes a big difference in the look of the final piece. In other cases she helps clients use numerous colors to create even more depth and interest in their piece. In both cases, the people she was assisting were very happy with the outcome. Oftentimes it comes down to budget and what the other person can afford; to be able to satisfy both types of clients with color is a rare gift." - Carole Tripp, owner Creative Castle
"Beverly’s eye for color is not merely a book title, her life truly is all about color. She transfers her impressions of the world we live in, nature’s textures and learning how to use light & shadow to each of her students, so that they, too, may draw inspiration for their favorite color combinations & art pieces. Her abilities as a photographer, fiber artist, acrylic painting instructor & experience with photographic manipulation make each of us want to learn to do all of them – all at once, if possible!
She ‘builds a creative fire’ in each of her students & shows each of them that life truly is All About Color. In short, Beverly is a wonderful inspiration for artisans who care about and are absorbed with color."  - Leigh Steiner Sarasota, FL