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Jewelry Instructions
In Downloadable pdf Format

All instructions are down-loadable in PDF format, ready to print. Each set includes color photos, detailed step-by-step written instructions, suggestions for mixing color, supply lists and my guidance on-line should you ever have any questions!

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Wander with Color - pdf Instructions
Just as a painter mixes different pigments on her palette, you will learn how to make bead soups that contain depth and movement. First, we will focus on single palettes of color, then explore ways to wash them together. You will apply what you learn by designing and making a color wash piece that glows!
Wander with Color Instructions (pdf):
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A Day at the Beach Instructions (pdf):
A Day at the Beach - pdf Instructions

Colors flow into each other as organic strands of beads and gems wind in and around metal and sea glass found after a day at the beach. Using bead soups, freeform beadweaving stitches, beach finds and antiqued metal, create a necklace that glows with color, texture and memories of the beach.

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Encrusted Pendant - pdf Instructions

Make a gem filled pendant that can slide onto a metal, beaded or woven chain.

Start with a netted backbone, then embellish to your hearts delight

Encrusted Pendant Instructions (pdf):
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Wander with Flair - pdf Instructions

Wander with bead soups and fibers! Play with color, texture and form to create elegant, wearable art using freeform vertical netting and fibers for added pizzazz. This class will experiment with free form beadweaving and bead soups and encourage you to break rules… but always with an end design in mind!

Wander with Flair Instructions (pdf):
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Wanderlust Bracelet - pdf Instructions

Wander with a purpose! Play with color, texture and form to create elegant, wearable art using freeform vertical netting. Create an open and airy piece or crunch and embellish to add depth and intrigue.   You may incorporate focal points such as bezels or large stones imbedded in the design or simply use the positive and negative spaces of the stitch as your point of interest. This class will experiment with free form style and ‘bead soups’, and encourage you to break rules!… but always with an end design in mind!

Wanderlust Bracelet Instructions (pdf):
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Wanderlust Neckpiece - pdf Instructions

Wander with a purpose in this workshop! Play with color, texture and form to create elegant, wearable art using both controlled and freeform vertical netting. You will learn how to make beautiful curves and waves that add depth and intrigue to the neckpiece and will imbed focal points such as bezels or large stones into the design for added interest. You will also create a unique bezelled clasp as the perfect closure for your design.  This class will experiment with free form style and ‘bead soups’, and encourage you to break rules!… but always with an end design in mind!

Wanderlust Neckpiece Instructions (pdf):
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Rippled Netting - pdf Instructions

Netting offers a delicate framework for displaying color and texture. In this project the size of beads is varied in a uniform pattern to create a beautiful rippling effect. Choose matte beads and fresh water pearls for an organic look or shiny beads and semi-precious gems for a more elegant one.

Rippled Netting Instructions (pdf):
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Beads on Metal - pdf Instructions

Metalworking and bead weaving merged together! Create striking, original pieces of art for jewelry, wall hangings or embellishment… using metalworking techniques, a bead soup and a sense of whimsy. No prior knowledge necessary.

Beads on Metal Instructions (pdf):
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Cornucopia of Gems - pdf Instructions

Create a dazzling necklace with a profusion of gems, pearls and other treasures. Pull together exciting color combinations and with basic wire working techniques make a necklace that will attract complements wherever you go!

Cornucopia of Gems Instructions (pdf):
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Make Waves  - pdf Instructions

Peyote with a splash! Play with color and bead soups to really make waves! Use this technique for bracelets or chokers and dramatically change the look by incorporating 1 huge wave or a series of ripples.

Make Waves Instructions (pdf):
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Old World Necklace - pdf Instructions

Create Old World charm with dainty beadwork. In this project we will explore bezels with peyote reduction and surface embellishment then interconnect them with a decorative peyote chain.

The necklace will be finished off with a unique bezelled clasp.

Old World Necklace Instructions (pdf):
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La Duet - pdf Instructions

Intertwine beads and fabric to create a symphony of color and texture. With bead soups and stabilized fabric we will employ a variety of freeform stitches to finish the edges and weave the fabric elements together. The color and textural combinations are endless in this playful duet!

La Duet Instructions (pdf):
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BezelMania - pdf Instructions

Transform the ordinary into extraordinary! Bezel stones, buttons or flat beads then add embroidery, picots or more to make a dramatic centerpiece for a necklace, bracelet, purse, cushion or…? You will play with color & form and see how different stitches can flow together.

BezelMania instructions include patterns for:
-Basic Bezel
-Flower Pin
-Ethnic Bezel (as pictured here)
-Anemone Bezel

See photos of some of the projects here

Bezelmania Instructions (pdf):
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Pendants and Dangles - pdf Instructions

Great for beginners, kids and jewelry making parties!
(You have my permission to teach and share the Pendant and Dangles instructions.)

A wide array of pendants and dangles can be made using basic wire-working methods. You will learn a number of wire working and stringing techniques that will enable you to make an endless array of necklaces and earrings. Beginning projects include the ‘Collar’ and ‘Ribbon Pendant’ necklaces and ‘Dangle Earrings’. Intermediate projects include the ‘Spiral Earrings’, ‘Grape Bunch Pendant’ and ‘Jasper Bunch Pendant’ necklaces and the ‘Bali Silver’ and ‘Hills Tribe Silver’ pendants.

See photos of some of the projects here

Pendants and Dangles Instructions (pdf):
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