Beverly Ash Gilbert
Author - Artist - Color Consultant
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Home Decor
A sample of my Work
The following are summary boards of home decor projects. In each board is a brief outline of the client's problem, my answer and a montage of photos including color palette ideas, paint swatches and accent pieces.

Beach House - Casual Elegance

Introducing 'Trending Colors'

Color versus White

How Transition from Old Colors to New

What you are saying:
"Beverly has an innate talent for color. I have seen her in action. She is able to connect with a person to help them discover their color sense without imposing hers onto them. I have watched her pull color palettes together for people in my store using just a splash of color that makes a big difference in the look of the final piece. In other cases she helps clients use numerous colors to create even more depth and interest in their piece. In both cases, the people she was assisting were very happy with the outcome. Oftentimes it comes down to budget and what the other person can afford; to be able to satisfy both types of clients with color is a rare gift." - Carole Tripp, owner Creative Castle