Beverly Ash Gilbert
Author - Artist - Color Consultant
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Home Decor

Enliven your house with colors that make it feel like home!

reate stunning color palettes for your home!

Whether your ideal home is painted with soothing, calm colors or vibrant, lively ones, I specialize in drawing all of the colors in a room together to create a harmonious palette.

Creating an entirely new look, or just adding a pop of colorful interest to enliven an existing room? I can help you create a living area that echoes the mood you want to create in your home.

Choosing colors and materials can be overwhelming - so many lovely choices! Pulling together ones that work well together can be an even greater challenge and one that can inhibit many people from creating their ideal living area.

Your home is your castle - do the colors you live with make you feel wonderful? Or do they feel flat, boring, old or even uncomfortable? Sometimes it is just a touch of color here and there to enliven a space and make it feel like home. Or maybe you want to completely redo a room, but still make it work with some of your treasured belongings - I can help you redecorate and still stay in budget!

Tired of homes that look like a designer show room?
Very few people are attracted to just one style or one look. Like you, I have eclectic tastes which enable me to work with your treasured collections and assorted furnishings, to unite them with small additions of color so that you can stay in budget and most importantly create a space that is All You!

We can work together:
  • On-line - via any media you feel comfortable with (upload photos, then email, talk or Skype)
  • In person - Live in the Seattle area? Send me an e-mail with your project details and favorite supply store and we can shop together!

Contact me to toss around ideas and get a quote!

What you are saying:
"Now I feel empowered to pick accessories knowing that I'll find what makes me feel happy. My house is starting to feel like a home. My home, that reflects me and welcomes me. You helped make that happen and I'm so thankful. It's something I've been waiting for for a long time." - Nissa Anderson, Lynnwood WA
"You have such gifts, not only in your hands but in your heart and I'm glad you shared them with me"
 - Home Decor Client, Feb. 2015