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Author - Artist - Color Consultant
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Sharing Colorful Insights
What Colors Inspire You?
Know what you like!

"We all have different tastes based on our surroundings, experiences and what looks good with our unique mix of hair, eye and skin tones.  Even memories can play an important role in what colors we like. So your favorite color palette may be very different from that of the person sitting next to you, or even from an artist you admire.

The key is to take note of what YOU like and don't like.
Keep in mind that it's okay to like it because it is the going fad...
... but it is also okay to not like the going fad!

The beauty is that we are all influenced by what we see and experience."

-excerpt from Dip Into Color

There are no rules, no limits
Our only boundaries are the bricks of doubt
We stack around ourselves
Carefully mortared in with :
'I can't" "I don't know how"
"I don't have the time, the energy, the money, the space,
the reinforcement from others."

But our only boundaries are the ones we have laid down.
Imagine breaking through our walls of doubt
To carve out windows and doors with
"I can" "I will learn" "I will make the time"
To finally realize that the only reinforcement we need
Is our own satisfaction in the creative process.

A wise woman once told me
To set aside 15 minutes a day to do what is in our heart
When added up over the days, weeks, months and years
That tiny commitment of time
Has the power to change the world.

All my best to you in your Creative Journey!


"Color fuels creativity! Mixing paint, sorting through beads, laying out yarn and fabric - and ultimately watching how colors come together in a composition feeds us with the desire to keep creating, and inspires us to dip our fingers into new mediums.

We marvel at artists whose use of color seems effortless and whose work is alive with depth and movement. We, too, long to be able to pull colors together in new and exciting ways. However even those of us who are comfortable working with color can find ourselves in a rut - using the same color palettes over and over again, reluctant to try new color schemes because we don’t know how they will turn out. And often dismissing individual colors simply because they aren’t our favorite - even though they might add spice to an existing palette.

So we look for inspiration to push our boundaries. And the beauty is that color inspiration is everywhere - an orange red sunset, a blue and white sailboat in the mist, soft light shining through new leaves, pink chairs in a store window. With a bit of practice, the colors we see in the world around us can translate beautifully into our own artwork"

-excerpt from Artful Color for Creative Projects


It's about exploring, pushing boundaries, expressing oneself,
spreading love and compassion and inspiration
It's about looking closely at the world around us
and marveling in all the COLORFUL paths before us

So dance, and sing and celebrate your creativity!
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