Beverly Ash Gilbert
Author - Artist - Color Consultant
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Honored that my painting 'She Hangs Lanterns in the Night Sky' graces the cover of Amy MacLennan's Collection of Poetry: The Body a Tree.

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Pure joy to create photo staging and photo banners for on-line businesses such as LizzyKate.
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Two of my Digital Art pieces are featured in this collection of poetry, prose and artwork about Women.

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Invisible Bee Yoga studio featured my painting as the perfect ad photo for their Dance Journey for Women.
'Legacy' was juried into the 2005 Bead Dreams competition in Milwaukee.

This piece represents my father-in-law's legacy of hard work, high integrity and loving warmth that lives on in his 22 descendants (gems representing each of them).
My Wander with Color piece featured in the on-line student registration banner for the 2010 Bead & Button Show.
My Wander with Color piece 'Undersea Volcano' included on the cover (bottom right) of the Bead & Button Show 2010 Catalog.
My Wanderlust Neckpiece in Nebula featured on the cover of the Bead & Button Show 2008 Catalog
Thrilled to see my Digital Art Sublimation tennis-wear design on Lleyton Hewitt at the US Open!
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Two of my pieces, one painting and one nunofelt shawl, are featured in this table top book celebrating the Art of Storytelling.

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Excited to have a couple of my paintings featured (including one on the back flap) in this gorgeous table top book celebrating color in mixed media.

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Honored to be chosen to represent Washington State in this Beading How To book featuring projects by leading bead artists across the US. My project 'A Day at the Beach' incorporates bead soups, beach glass, shells and antiqued metal.

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So thrilled! Martha Stewart Living contacted me asking to use one of my sea glass photos to advertise a watery palette in 'Martha's Colors' paint line.

July 2012 issue
Autumn Harvest at Full Circle Farm is full of color and bounty and I was approached to photograph some of the luscious autumn crops for their blog. Though catching the beauty of the produce was important, they wanted to emphasize their focus: 'From Farmer to Your Table.

Model: Randall Gilbert (my brother-in-law who is a farmer in the Willamette valley
My Eye For Color system is featured on a color palette spread in Maggie Roschyk's book.
A Colorful Duo - answering color questions and providing color inspiration with Margie Deeb in  'Ask the Color Queens'.