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From graphic design to shirt worn by Lleyton Hewitt at the US Open!
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Photo from Athletic DNA
Over the last 2 years I provided Athletic DNA with color consultation to help create color palettes for their upcoming tennis wear.

ADNA's focus is on young, intense and dedicated athletes and their aim is to create tennis wear that engages this audience. With this in mind, ADNA was looking to update older sublimation designs on their tennis wear to a more youthful, edgy style.

Using a tattoo created by one of ADNA's subcontracted artists, I proposed the artwork shown here, which formed the basis for Spring and Summer 2015 fabric sublimation designs for both young men's and young women's tennis wear.

I also tutored the lead garment designer on pulling colors together and creating layered sublimation designs so that in future she will be the lead sublimation designer and eliminate the need to hire out-of-house.

The following is a sampling of the finalized color palette as well as some of the tennis wear fabric sublimation designs I created.

Proposal to Athletic DNA:
Men's Tennis Wear Sublimation Designs
"Beverly has helped me develop and choose colors for products that coordinate and complement well on multiple platforms.  She has guided me through the complex maze of color saturation, hue, and chroma balance.  Her knowledge and experience with multiple mediums makes her an excellent coach and translator when you need to speak the language of color!"  - Etch Haring, Apparel Design
Women's Tennis Wear Sublimation Designs

A small business owner approached me to create a sign for her new physical store front - a boutique called: Crystal Moss.

The photo I took is of moss on an apple tree branch, the droplets of rain like little crystals in the early morning light.

I manipulated the photo and created this sign.

Martha Stewart Living used my photo of aqua colored sea glass nestled in a giant mussel shell in this magazine and on-line ad for Martha's Paint Color: Sea Glass MSL 129.

The ad appeared in MSL July 2012