Beverly Ash Gilbert
Author - Artist - Color Consultant
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Artful Color for Creative Projects
Inspirational Color Palettes for Jewelry, Fiber and Mixed-Media Artists

eBook format

"Seeing color come together in a composition feeds us with the desire to keep creating
and inspires us to dip our fingers into new mediums" - pg 7

Dive into a world of color with luscious photography, expansive color palettes and inspirational works of art. Artful Color for Creative Projects will not only inspire you with color, and give you numerous new color palettes to play with, but will also teach you how to add depth and movement into your own artwork... no matter the medium.

Draw inspiration from:
-157 pages filled with color
60 unique color palettes
-Palettes that go beyond the 5-6 dominant colors found in most color generators
-Photography rich with detail and color
-Over 75 completed works of colorful art
-Color wheel relationships to broaden each palette
-Tips on how to pull colors together in a composition
-Artful jewelry, fiber, painted and mixed media examples
-Step-by-step guide to creating your own color palettes

$14.95 (eBook format)
You will receive 2 download links:
- 1 high resolution for your computer screen (
Best viewed as 2 page spread)
1 sized for your mobile devices

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Take a peek inside...
Page upon page of color palettes drawn from photography of everyday scenes,
then manipulated using color wheel relationships and subtle nuances within
the inspirational photo to provide a rich array of color possibilities.
Numerous works of art created in a variety of mediums
demonstrate the color palette potentials.
Your own artwork will be enhanced with the depth of colors
in each palette including accent color possibilities to make your project glow!

Some lovely reviews...

Beverly Ash Gilbert not only has a way with color she has a way with words. Her amazingly beautiful, breathtaking photographs are repainted with her words, so much so that if I closed my eyes I could see what she was describing...

Her explanations of color, hue, tone, color choice based on color theory are easily understood and able to be applied immediately in whatever project one is involved."

-Carole Tripp

Owner: Creative Castle

Color is an art in and of itself. The ability to bring color to life by mixing palettes is truly a special gift. Beverly Ash Gilbert is one of the premier artists in the bead world known for her talented color inspirations. She has an ability to create eye-catching pieces just by choosing a palette of perfection.

If inspiration helps you to create, then this book is a must. Every palette is breathtaking.


-Amy Katz
Bead Artist, Author

“All color theory is grey..., until you read "Artful Color For Creative Projects" by Beverly Gilbert!!  Lucid and brilliant in color, image, and content, this book provides guidance and inspiration for designers in all mediums.”

- Etch Haring

Designer, Fashion Industry


Q: Will Artful Color for Creative Projects be offered in a hard copy print as well as the eBook?
A: Right now I am focusing on the eBook version, but do have plans to eventually issue a hard copy. My goal is for next year depending on success of the eBook.

Q:I have multiple computers and devices. May I download your book onto all of them?
A: Absolutely! I have set it up so that you can download 5 times - if you need more than this, just shoot me an e-mail and I will send you more! Also, upon purchase you will receive 2 download choices - a high resolution button for viewing on your larger screen computer and a Mobile Device option which is a smaller file size so that it doesn't overload your device . I suggest downloading both, so that you have them available at any time.

Q: What is the best format for viewing your eBook?
A: On your computer, I recommend viewing as a 2 page spread so that you can visualize the entire process from inspiration to color palette to finished piece of art (like the samples above). In Preview, simply go to 'View' and select 'Two pages' (MAC). On PC from 'View', click "Page Display', then select 'Show Cover Page' and 'Two Up'.

Q: How do I load the mobile device version into my ipad iBook library?
A: When you click on the download link (sent to you from eJunkie), the book will initially load into an on-line version.
-Simply touch the middle of the book and a banner will appear on top.
-Click on 'Open in iBooks'
-This will load your book into your library!
-(note, sometimes it takes a couple of tries)

Download Details - how it works:
I am now using e-junkie for all downloadable items! e-junkie is safe, reliable and best of all - immediate download upon payment, so you no longer need to wait for me to send you an e-mail with the pdf attachment! However, this means that downloadable items and tangible items (like beads, printed books) will need to be on a separate transaction. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask!