Beverly Ash Gilbert
Author - Artist - Color Consultant
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Colorful BOOKS
Artful Color in Nuno Felt
Creating Inspirational Nuno Felt Projects and Palettes

Are your hands longing to try something new?

Welcome to the tactile world of Artful Color In Nuno Felt where a union of silk and wool creates endless new forms of artistic expression! Whether you are new to fiber art or a lifelong felting enthusiast, indulge your creative spirit with the inspiration you've been searching for, and express the colors of your world in a way that is richly layered, full of delightful surprises and generous with possibilities.

Delight in the process of Artful Color In Nuno Felt and begin creating beautifully layered textures today!

Eye For Color
Interchangeable Templates and Color Wheel System

Create gorgeous color combinations with this easy-to-use color wheel tool. Features 2 color wheels - one with rich, saturated colors, the other with softer pastels - as well as a bonus booklet loaded with colorful photographs to inspire you with color. Snap together desin allows you to work with the color wheels and templates in the book, or remove them to carry with you to help you choose colors in your favorite bead, fabric, garden or interior design store.
-as reviewed in the October 2009 Bead & Button Magazine

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Earthtone Color Wheels

Create even more gorgeous color combinations with the new Earthtone Color Wheels designed to snap into the templates in your Eye For Color system. These new color wheels bring you rich, deep undertones in both Cool and Warm palttes. Each set contains 2 wheels.

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Artful Color for Creative Projects
Inspirational Color Palettes for Jewelry, Fiber & Mixed media Artists

Dive into a world of color with luscious photography, expansive color palettes and inspirational works of art. Beverly Ash Gilbert turns her images of everyday scenes into stunning new color palettes bursting with depth and movement, and shows you how to use the colors in your next creative project. Her playful approach will gently guide your eye beyond the most dominant colors of a scene to the subtle nuances that can turn an ordinary color palette into an extraordinary one.

Learn how to use a color wheel to enhance your palettes and discover how transitional colors can help pull the entire composition together. Beverly’s colorful artwork in a variety of mediums helps illustrate how the unexpected or tiny splash of color can make an entire piece come alive.

Artful Color for Creative Projects will not only inspire you with color, and give you numerous new color palettes to play with, but will also teach you how to add depth and movement into your own artwork... no matter the medium.

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Beaded Colorways
Creating Freeform Beadweaving Projects and Palettes

Come join me on my journey from
inspiration... to color relationship... to bead soup palette... to freeform expression in beads!

Working with color is exhilarating! And what better way to play with color than in making bead soups and incorporating them in freeform beadweaving projects? Just as a painter mixes different pigments on her palette, you will learn how to make bead soups with depth and movement. I will show you how I go from color inspirations to defining the color relationship using the color wheels and templates included in the back of the book, to creating a palette of beads. The numerous freeform projects in BEADED COLORWAYS will give you countless ways to use these beautiful mixes including color flow techniques that will show you how to seamlessly blend from one color to the next.

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Dip Into Color
-an eBook

Love color, but are unsure how to make a color palette 'pop'? In this photo filled eBook you will learn powerful tools to define, then enhance your color palette. Get ready to fall in love with color  again and again. But watch out - you may find that a little dip just isn't enough!

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